Amazing Paraïba

It was love at first sight. Its rarity is equaled only by its splendor.

This amazing blue-green tourmaline was discovered in 1987 in the mountains of the Brazilian state of Paraiba.

Its magical color had never been seen before, and is therefore difficult to define.

It ranges from blue-green to green-blue, sometimes veering into the famous “neon” blue. 

This unique color comes from the presence of copper and manganese; depending on their proportions, the stone will appear bluer or greener. 

But it’s not only the color, it’s the Paraiba tourmaline’s fluorescence that makes it recognizable among gemstones.

Its discovery was a major event in the world of fine jewelry and sparked immediate demand.

Brazilian mines are exhausted and most Paraiba tourmalines currently come from Mozambique.

Its key virtues are rectitude and honesty.

It favors fidelity and constancy, in friendship as in love.

Lastly, it helps its wearer feel at home, wherever he/she may be.

Marie-Hélène de Taillac