I have always had a fascination for precious stones. I can admire them for hours.

For me, gems represent nature's perfection. They have an infinite range of colours. 

Amethyst can be found in all shades of purple, from pale lilac to intense violet.

It has always been believed that stones must be worn directly on the skin to be beneficial to the wearer.

Amethyst dispels anguish, worry and anger. 

Stone of spirituality, it helps meditating and praying.  Bishops wear it as rings. Buddhist monks as rosaries.

 This stone harmonises love life.

According to the legend, Saint Valentine always wore an amethyst. 

Protection against negative forces, amethyst helps detoxification and fighting against addictions. Its name literally means "chases drunkenness". Amethyst is also believed to heal headaches. 

Placed under a pillow, it prevents nightmares and encourages full of precious information dreams.

Amethyst suits sportspeople, students, businesspeople and extroverts.

Marie-Hélène de Taillac