Diamond's incredible sparkle

The diamond is the stone of kings. I loved it for the first time when I saw a necklace of diamond briolettes sparkle in the candlelight.
I have a weakness for rose-cut diamonds.

Diamond is an energising stone.

It is usually colourless, although some diamonds can be yellow, brown, pink or blue. Its incredible sparkle makes it the most precious gem of all. Its name derives from Greek and means "indomitable", a reference to its hardness.


In France, by decree, only men of the royal family had the right to wear it.

It is a very powerful stone. Diamonds symbolise purity in all cultures.

Buddhists regard them as the symbol of absolute reality, the very essence of love, and use them to cover the Buddha's throne.

A diamond brings wisdom and is an excellent aid to meditation. It enables one to improve on a spiritual level.

It encourages self-confidence and positive thoughts. It purifies the body, bringing in vital energy and slows the ageing process.

This gem protects against negative energies.


Like a mirror, it returns them to their senders. A diamond strengthens the feelings of love, brings people together and encourages faithfulness.

For well-meaning people it is a powerful catalyst of good forces, but a diamond can carry negative vibrations if it has been owned by a harmful person. This explains the bad reputation of some famous stones.

The power of a diamond increases when given with love.

Marie-Hélène de Taillac