I love tourmalines.

Tourmaline is the gem to be found in the broadest spectrum of colors.

Since ancient times, it has been said that tourmaline can unusually "increase our knowledge and our spiritual forces".

Mothers would hang a tourmaline around their children's necks because ascendant forces were believed to prevent children from falling down too often.

Tourmaline symbolises kindness and good manners. It brings friendship, affection and good fortune.

A refined stone, it encourages noble feelings. It increases quick-wittedness and helps make thoughts precise and clear.

I have a weakness for pink tourmalines. It is the stone of the heart.

Its shades span the palest pink to the deepest red.

Pink tourmaline breathes new life into broken hearts.

It helps one to overcome sorrows and eradicate anguish.

Pink tourmaline encourages one to show one's feelings, sometimes in an exuberant manner.

An energizing stone, pink tourmaline fights fatigue and even chronic exhaustion.

It also promotes good health and calms fits of hysteria.

This stone is not meant to be worn by tense or domineering people, but it perfectly suits artists.

Some tourmalines are called rubellites because of their resemblance to rubies.

To achieve the rubellite designation, the color must be bright red to pinkish red and remain constant, without any purple reflection, regardless of the lighting conditions.

Marie-Hélène de Taillac